Ocean Freight

American Container Line provides complete ocean freight forwarding services worldwide. We provide..Full and Less-Than Container Load!

Air Freight

For time-critical shipments, American Container Line offers full air freight forwarding services. We provide efficient and rapid movement to achieve fastest possible delivery for travel sensitive, high value or highly perishable goods.

Domestic Service

A specialist in intermodal transportation, American Container Line provides inland and local transportation for both domestic and international shipments - to provide a flawless transit solution from initial pickup to final delivery...

Custom Brokerage

For import or export shipment of any size, we can move cargo through customs on the way to its final destination, quickly and efficiently.

Automobile Service

As one of the largest automobile consolidators in the Western United States, American Container Line is a recognized leader in automobile shipping. We handle hundreds of automobiles annually to nearly every major port worldwide.
Payment and Refund Process

The followings are STEPS to obtain a shipping rate quotation, making a payment on-line or receiving a refund:

  1. Customer accesses our website, fill out Rate Quotation Request form, submit
  2. ACL will send customer a shipping rate quotation, via email, based on information provided.
  3. Customer reviews information for accuracy and rate quoted, accepts the rate and terms and sends acceptance email to ACL
  4. ACL will generate booking confirmation and email customer
  5. Customer reviews and approves booking confirmation
  6. ACL accesses Authorized.Net to process the payment from customer
  7. ACL forwards Payment Notification to customer, via email

After payment has been processed, customer has 5 days to cancel a Booking Confirmation. All cancellations are subject to a cancellation charge. Depending upon the time the cancellation is made, the following conditions applied:

  1. If cancellation is made, within five days since date of payment, and no pick-up process has been started, ACL will impose 6% cancellation charge, which basically covers bank processing fees.
  2. If cancellation is made, beyond the five-day period, and the pick-up process has started, ACL will impose 6% cancellation charge plus any incurred cargo preparation fee, at cost.